Hackers take over cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX’s Twitter account but “user funds are safe”.

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Users of cryptocurrency exchange BiTMEX were given an assurance that all the funds are safe after hackers have briefly taken over the firm’s Twitter account.  

The hackers posted two messages that read “Take your BTC and run. Last day for withdrawals,” and “Hacked”. A Twitter account named “Bitmexdatabaseleak then sprang up and leaked individual user IDs and emails. It also posted “So many obvious US customers on the BitMEX database hack” and “Did you pay tax on your bitmex gains?” 

In addition, Twitter user TheCryp0Mask said they have found nearly 200 passwords from previous hacks of other companies. 

As a precautionary measure, BitMEX has temporarily disabled withdrawals for customers who have changed their password or security details since the email address leak. 

BitMEX has since tweeted that: “While the trolls may target our Twitter account, you may rest assured that all funds are safe.”

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