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SecurityCheckers provide more than just coverage for the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities. In order to perform a useful security test of a web application, our security testers have good knowledge about the HTTP protocol. They have an understanding knowledge of how the client (browser) and the server communicate using HTTP.

It is possible that the number of security defects present in the web application will not be high. However, being capable of describing all the security defects accurately with all the required details will definitely help. You will get a detailed security report whether your website is vulnerable to hacking attacks.

  • 2-10 web security experts working on your website
  • Detailed report on your website security
  • Detailed description of each discovered vulnerability
  • Suggestion how to mitigate each identified vulnerability
  • Help in fixing more complicated vulnerabilities


The security of the website is remains the responsibility of its owner. SecurityCheckers shall not be liable to for any loss or damage suffered by any persons or company caused by security vulnerabilities regardless of whether the vulnerabilities were discovered by SecurityCheckers testing or status shown by the report.

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