Customer support ticketing platform Zendesk discloses security breach dating back to November 2016.

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Zendesk has recently confirmed that it discovered a security breach dating back to November 2016 last September 24. The company said that a hacker has gained access to personal information of approximately 10,000 users with a registered Chat and Zendesk Support accounts. 

Affected individuals are approximately 700 Zendesk customers or companies that contract Zendesk and embed Zendesk customer chat and support ticketing system into their website and more than 9,000 Zendesk agents, who are employees that manage tickets and answer chats from customers of contracting companies. 

The company has confirmed that the hacker was able to access email addresses, names and phone number as well as passwords, Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption keys provided to Zendesk by customers and configuration settings of apps installed from the Zendesk app marketplace or private apps. 

Zendesk has notified all impacted users via email and has confirmed plans to reset passwords for all users that registered before November 1, 2016. 

Zendesk lists customers such as Airbnb, Slack, Uber, Shopify, Tesco, and OpenTable, among others.

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